Regional Resource Recovery

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Regional Resource Recovery

Regional Resource Recovery Pty Ltd seeks to create sustainable jobs in rural Australia by using waste and energy more efficiently. In our opinion, regional Australia will benefit the most out of a hydrogen economy due the long distances between towns and the long haulage routes. Hydrogen can to replace diesel energy in a fuel cell truck or generator. Using hydrogen should have less maintenance compared to a diesel powered truck or generator.


Each project is bespoke to the client’s energy needs and the waste being process.  Nevertheless, the types of technology we could use in a project are:

Gasification and scrubbing

Gasification has been used for about 100 years. This is where you cook an organic material and it breaks down into smoke and char. The scrubbers clean the smoke so that it safely burns. The gas made by such a process is called synthesis gas or more commonly syn-gas.

Small scale Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHPP)

These plants not only generated base load electricity for clients but they also have co-products of process steam and hot water. A large scale power station may only use 35% of the energy in the coal as electricity. However, a CHPP may covert up to 80% of the energy in the gas to electricity and process steam and heat.

Hydronic heating and cooling

Waste heat obviously can be used for space heating but it can also be used for cooling down to 10oC using a absorption chiller.

Gas separation

Syn-gas is normally 35 to 45% hydrogen. This hydrogen can be separated from the syn-gas and purified so that it can be used in fuel cells.

Fuel cells

These convert the hydrogen to water by combining with oxygen from the air and in doing so produce electricity.

Chemical assaying

The waste are in fact a resource to be managed. Measuring the waste chemistry is a big part of this management. Also, emission must also be controlled, measured and reported.

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Energy & Waste Management - Regional Resource Recovery
Test Project

Resource Recovery Plant

That plant produced valuable, very clean burning synthesis gas (syn-gas) and char. That syn-gas was 35 to 45% hydrogen. We are examining opportunities for recovery the hydrogen and nutrients and energy in regional Australia.
The end product depends very much on the inputs and the scrubbing of any gas output. We have the scrubbing technology and that has been tested.


Resource Recovery Plant

Investigation into the use of biomass as a feedstock for low emission energy generation is not new . However, what is new, is the existence of a technology that allows the scale of a project to be “micro” (by comparison to centralised power generation) such that it is economically viable at a small scale.